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Texas is a land of plenty- plenty of cultures and plenty to eat.  Depending on where you are traveling, the food in Texas can be quite different.  One thing is for sure though, and that is the simple fact that no matter what it is that you are eating or where it is that you are eating it, the food served in Texas is tasty and unforgettable.  That said, let’s move on and see what’s to eat and where you have to go to get it.

First of all, the official dish of Texas is chili.  Therefore, place this dish at the top of your list.  Nothing compares to a bowl of Texan chili.  Plus, variety is the spice of life and many of your dishes will have variety and lots of spice!

Texas Plains or North and Middle

While you are traveling through or visiting the plains of Texas, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasty steak dinner.  In fact, in this neck of the woods, they serve up a lot of steak, steak, and more steak.  Restaurants here are skilled in cooking up steak in all sorts of cuts from center cut strip to center cut filet to bone in to bone out to T-bone to more.  Try one or try them all.

Border Region or West

The Border region in the west is a great place to find grilled chicken, fajitas (beef, chicken, buffalo, shrimp, or vegetarian), smoked chicken breast, marinated chicken breast, Texas rice, and, refried beans.  Onions and peppers are sure to appear inside, on top of, and surrounding many of the dishes served here.  Don’t forget the enchiladas- beef or chicken, tacos, and tamales.

Hill Country or Southwest

The Hill Country has its own authentic menus with their own authentic cuts of meat, flavorings, and side dishes.  Whether you are looking for filet of antelope,

grilled quail, venison sausages or bratwurst, BBQ chicken breast slathered in Monterrey Jack, wild boar, or Texas caviar, this is the place to find it.

Piney Woods or Northeast

This section of Texas is known for its chicken fried steak, Texas catfish tenders, hushpuppies, baby back ribs, hamburgers, BBQ brisket, and blackened chicken.  This is quite a variety, enough to satisfy even the most voracious appetite.

Gulf Coast or Southeast

If you’re dining along the Gulf Coast, you are sure to catch a waft of spicy shrimp basking in a sauce replete with garlic, lime, and cilantro.  Perhaps a platter of shrimp lavished with cayenne pepper and a hit of cocktail sauce on the side will set your nostrils to tingling.  If you prefer grilled shrimp, then, a marinade of black pepper, lime, and chipotle may be just what you are looking to taste. 

Plus, crab is also on the menu here.  How about some stuffed portabella mushrooms on a bed of fluffy rice?  Of course, all kinds of fish are on the menu here, this is just a sampling of some of the more popular dishes.

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