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Do you know that Americans spend over 12% of their income on food every year? There are several types of food recipes that Americans consume the most, Mexican-inspired dishes included. The high amounts of money used in food is not a surprise considering most of the Americans are the highest consumers of fast foods.

However, recent studies show that Americans have been spending a considerable amount of money on Mexican-inspired dishes and other Tex Mex is a blend of food that draws inspiration and flavors from a variety of Mexican cuisine and Texas culture. Here are some of the most popular Mexican-inspired dishes that are commonly eaten by Americans today.


Fajitas present one of the most commonly eaten Mexican foods in the United States. It is a Tex Mex cuisine that consists primarily of meat which is served in a tortilla. A tortilla is a type of flatbread that is made using wheat or corn flour. Other significant additions to fajitas include lettuce, guacamole, and refried beans.

Initially, the fajita was made using beef but this has evolved to incorporate chicken and other white meats to suit an array of palates. Vegetarian restaurants are even making fajitas using vegetables to meet the demand of the increasing number of vegetarians around the country.


Enchiladas are another common Mexican food that is gaining traction among foodies throughout the United States. It is a Mexican-inspired recipe that is made by filling a tortilla with meat before it’s covered with a spicy sauce. However, recent trends in enchiladas have also included vegetables and cereals to make the Mexican dish more weighty and attractive to both the senior population and customer who don’t eat meat.


Already serving as a staple in the United States, the burrito is among the most popular foods in Latin America. Most of the Americans, especially those who have a strong attachment to the south, prefer eating burritos over other most other Mexican recipes. You make a burrito using a folded tortilla which is filled with refried beans, Mexican rice, and meat among other delicacies. Other combinations such as salsa, avocado, and lettuce are also used in preparing the burrito.

Carne Asada

Although roasted meat is a worldwide delicacy, Americans indulge in carne asada more often than most. Literally translating to grilled meat, carne asada is often adorned with delicious spices to spruce up just about any Tex Mex dish, including enchiladas, burritos, and tacos. The dish, which is common to prepare in the Northern parts of Mexico, can also be eaten as a stand-alone recipe.


Tostada refers to a tortilla that is deep-fried and in other situations, toasted. Tostada is becoming more common and popular among Americans as it is giving them an option of not wasting tortilla that goes a bit stale. The bread is deep fried and then served with vegetables or soft drinks.


Most of the people living in the states neighboring Mexico think that tacos are an American food. However, tacos are traditional Mexican delicacies that are made using folded tortilla that is filled with meats, vegetables, beans, and just about any other filling you can think of.

Mexican-inspired recipes have become common in the United States, and a considerable number of Americans cannot spend more than a day without tasting Tex Mex recipes. When you’re looking for Tex Mex fajitas Lake Jackson loves, rely on La Casona for your fajita fix.

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